ROG Masters 2017

Event overview

25 June 2017 - 11 December 2017
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Online, International


ASUS ROG will be running a global CS:GO tournament with live finals and a $250,000 Prize Pool.

Six teams will represent four regions: One from the Americas, two from Europe Middle East and Africa (or EMEA), two from Asia-Pacific (or APAC) and one from China.


Each region's qualifiers will be split up into three phases. 1  Regional Open Qualifiers, 2 Regional Qualifiers, 3 Regional Finals. 

Regional open qualifiers will have two different types of qualifiers. Country Open qualifiers, where only teams from a specific country can compete and open regional qualifiers, where any teams from a region can compete.

Regional qualifiers:

Regional finals:

Grand Final:

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