Rules for using Fragbite.

All notified offenses, big and small, will have consequenses such as ban, warnings, loss of titles (or the ability to get one), exposing IP-addresses aswell as other restrictions to your usage of Fragbite. Fragbite reserves the right to judge wether a rule is broken or not.

Personal offense are forbidden.

Personal offense includes any condescending expressions or words directed to a specific individual and/or minority. Rhetorical questions and indications might be examples of that.

Hostility and offense towards people with a certain background, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation or gender is strictly forbidden.


Discussions that might lead to crime of any severity is not allowed.

Examples of this can be incitements, offensive material, child pornography, sharing of copyrighted material and violence.

Do not create threads that has no chance of creating a discussion.

Promoting streams, websites or any other otiose is only annoying and because of that not allowed.

Stick to the subject of the thread.


Linking to viruses, trojans or any harmful ware aswell as any content that might be offensive, such as pornography, is strictly forbidden. This includes screamers etc.


Questions, links, requests or information about any kind of cheats are not allowed.

This includes wallhack, aim enhancing softwares and farmbots.

Behave maturely and civilized.


Any discussion about immigration, immigration politics and/or integration politics are not allowed.


It is not allowed to discuss any forms of drugs.

This rule also applies to any intoxicants and body construction and/or enhancing substances, except alcohol and tobacco.

Peoples private life should be respected.



Your username can not be, or contain parts of, famous peoples name and/or nicknames, neither contain the name of a company or other organization. Any username that might be offensive is not allowed either.

Profile pictures

Your profile picture can not be offensive or contain any political innuendoes. Continuous or severe violations results in a temporary ban.

Private messages

If another user urges to not recieve private messages, it should be respected.

User accounts

It is not allowed to have more than one account. Suspicion about so called double-accounts might be locked without warning.

Threats and harrassments in private messages are strictly forbidden.

To threaten or harrass a user in the comment section is punishable. This rule applies to admins aswell.
Our rules are for everyone to have a pleasant stay at Fragbite. By registering as a user on Fragbite you accept to follow these rules. The rules can at any point change and it is in the responsibility of each user to follow these rules.
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